Some of my Albums ~ Shadow

I haven’t updated in like… forever? I’m so sorry! Life came across… haha, no, but I’ve been really busy lately. Also, I’ve had a bad toothache. It’s getting better, but not much. And I’ve been busy with work, and I got home from the capital yesterday, but I’ll be going back on Friday…

Anyway. Since Hyde decided to show her K-pop albums I’ve decided to do the same. BUT I won’t show all of the albums, – they’re so many! I have no idea how they became so many -, only the signed ones. Which is a few. One of the signed albums mean so much to me, and even though I love all of them, this one is the most important to me. I won’t tell you why, and I’ll come back to that later on in this post, so keep reading!

VIXX (all members) – Jekyll
NU’EST (JR) + Baekho’s signed polaroid –  Sleeptalking
U-KISS (all members) – Moments

FT Island (all members) – Thanks To
SHINee (all members) – Everybdoy
G.I (all members) – Tremendous

I had two other signed albums, B.A.P’s BADMAN with Zelo’s autograph but I gave it away to Hyde as an early Christmas gift, and I gave NU’ESTs Sleeptalking with Aron’s autograph to another close friend ^^

Guess which album I cherish the most? 

// – Shadow


4 thoughts on “Some of my Albums ~ Shadow

  1. I have BADMAN (with Daehyun’s sign) and a signed U-KISS Moments album just like you. I’m really curious about which is the most meaningful one for you. My first guess was SHINee’s album but now I think it’s NU’EST’s album because you also have a signed polaroid photo. How awesome is that?! Is my guess right? 🙂

  2. Wow~ you have so much signed albums >< I only have one, heehee ^^;
    I think the one you cherished the most is… SHINee's EVERYBODY since you're a shawol (because of your blog title, SHINeeDreamers) and it's signed I guess?

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