I’m Back :D – Hyde

It’s been a really long time since I last updated, and I’m really sorry about that. I had so much to do in school now when it’s almost over.  I bet most of you know how busy you can be with exams at the end of the school year too ^^

But right now I don’t have much to do in school so I figured out that I should make a new post on here and update you guys on my k-pop life 🙂

So I’ve fallen for my first bias again, No Minwoo. He’s been one of my biases from the very start of my K-pop journey and recently I started watching Full House Take 2 and now i’m all crazy over Minwoo again. I love the drama and it’s the first drama a can watch episode after episode without getting tired of it. Have anyone in here watched the drama? I’m on episode 25 and I think I will finish it later this week 😀

A lot of groups have made their comeback this year and gosh, so many new songs to listen to! I really like Girl’s Generations comeback and two of the best comebacks so far this year must be Speed and M.I.B’s comebacks. Totally love every song on these albums! I also like Boyfriend’s japanese single My Avatar, been playing it since the teaser came out. What is your oppinon on these comebacks? 🙂

Shadow and I have discussed about going to Korea later this year and we are really excited about it even though it’s not confirmed that we will be going there yet. I was just wondering if anyone of our beautiful readers have been to Korea and maybe have some advice of places we must visit or things we must do? 😀

/ Hyde