Giveaway Kpop Albums! – Shadow


It’s 2014! And what can be better than celebrating the new year with a giveaway?

I got 3 Kpop albums for Christmas, and since I already have them, I’ll be giving them away.

The albums you can win are:

SHINee – Everybody
SHINee – Why So Serious [No photocard]
EXO – XOXO (Kiss Version) [No photocard]

I’m going to pick 3 winners; 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The 1st winner will get to choose one of the three albums,
2nd winner will get to choose one of the two remaining albums.
3rd winner will get the album the other winners haven’t picked.

If you have tumblr, it’s even better, cause then you just have follow there easy steps you can find here: You’re the Key to my heart 
If you don’t have a tumblr, but still want to participate comment on this post, and you’ll get one entry.

Don’t hesitate or be afraid to comment if you have any questions! I’ll be happy to help you 🙂

The giveaway ends February 14th and the winners will have 48 hours to reply.

Good luck everyone! ~