I’m Back :D – Hyde

It’s been a really long time since I last updated, and I’m really sorry about that. I had so much to do in school now when it’s almost over.  I bet most of you know how busy you can be with exams at the end of the school year too ^^

But right now I don’t have much to do in school so I figured out that I should make a new post on here and update you guys on my k-pop life 🙂

So I’ve fallen for my first bias again, No Minwoo. He’s been one of my biases from the very start of my K-pop journey and recently I started watching Full House Take 2 and now i’m all crazy over Minwoo again. I love the drama and it’s the first drama a can watch episode after episode without getting tired of it. Have anyone in here watched the drama? I’m on episode 25 and I think I will finish it later this week 😀

A lot of groups have made their comeback this year and gosh, so many new songs to listen to! I really like Girl’s Generations comeback and two of the best comebacks so far this year must be Speed and M.I.B’s comebacks. Totally love every song on these albums! I also like Boyfriend’s japanese single My Avatar, been playing it since the teaser came out. What is your oppinon on these comebacks? 🙂

Shadow and I have discussed about going to Korea later this year and we are really excited about it even though it’s not confirmed that we will be going there yet. I was just wondering if anyone of our beautiful readers have been to Korea and maybe have some advice of places we must visit or things we must do? 😀

/ Hyde


End of 2013 Kpop collection – Hyde

2013 was the year I finally could buy Kpop albums for the first time and I did buy alot of albums… The first Kpop album I got was Team H- I just wanna have fun and I got it as a birthday present from Shadow and I wanted more albums.. so during these 5 last months of 2013 I bought these albums + I got one as a Christhmas gift from Shadow ^^

I’m waiting for more albums to arrive, I might aswell update about that later.

Starting with my VIXX Collection


I have On and on, Hyde, Jekyll, Rock ur’ body and Super Hero. I’m currently waiting for my Voodoo album to arrive, it’s taking forever to get it..

Super Junior, Exo and SHINee Collection


Shinee: Everybody, Sherlock, Lucifer and The misconceptions of us ( Both misconceptions of me/you in one box)

Super Junior: A-CHA and Mr simple ver. A with Ryeowook as random cover.

EXO – M: XOXO (Hug Version)

All other albums


Block B – Very good

B.A.P – Badman (Signed by Zelo)

Sunny Hill – Midnight Circus

NU’EST – Sleep Talk

Rania – Goodbye’s the new Hello

Supernova – Stupid Love

X-5 – Dangerous

Team H – I just wanna have fun

(Not in this Picture ) Girl’s Day – Female President (Repacked)

And not least, my Photocards ^^


// Hyde