Quick Album update! – Hyde

So one reader wanted me to update my album Collection and now it’s time for it! I ordered these albums last year but due to Christmas and red days it took forever to get them, but now I finally have them after weeks of waiting!! School has also started again and I have so much homework to do but Kpop is distracting me as usually… haha.


These are the albums that I got:


Boyfriend – Janus

Boyfriend – Iyah

Vixx – Voodoo

Beast – Midnight Sun

Beast – Hard to love, How to love

And my Collection of signed albums ^^


Teen Top – Class Addition

UKISS – Moments

Alphabat – AB City



N from Voodoo , Hyunseung from Hard to love, How to love, Doojoon from Midnight sun and Chunji  from Class Addition ^^


Thanks for Reading ^^ // Hyde