Quick Album update! – Hyde

So one reader wanted me to update my album Collection and now it’s time for it! I ordered these albums last year but due to Christmas and red days it took forever to get them, but now I finally have them after weeks of waiting!! School has also started again and I have so much homework to do but Kpop is distracting me as usually… haha.


These are the albums that I got:


Boyfriend – Janus

Boyfriend – Iyah

Vixx – Voodoo

Beast – Midnight Sun

Beast – Hard to love, How to love

And my Collection of signed albums ^^


Teen Top – Class Addition

UKISS – Moments

Alphabat – AB City



N from Voodoo , Hyunseung from Hard to love, How to love, Doojoon from Midnight sun and Chunji  from Class Addition ^^


Thanks for Reading ^^ // Hyde


End of 2013 Kpop collection – Hyde

2013 was the year I finally could buy Kpop albums for the first time and I did buy alot of albums… The first Kpop album I got was Team H- I just wanna have fun and I got it as a birthday present from Shadow and I wanted more albums.. so during these 5 last months of 2013 I bought these albums + I got one as a Christhmas gift from Shadow ^^

I’m waiting for more albums to arrive, I might aswell update about that later.

Starting with my VIXX Collection


I have On and on, Hyde, Jekyll, Rock ur’ body and Super Hero. I’m currently waiting for my Voodoo album to arrive, it’s taking forever to get it..

Super Junior, Exo and SHINee Collection


Shinee: Everybody, Sherlock, Lucifer and The misconceptions of us ( Both misconceptions of me/you in one box)

Super Junior: A-CHA and Mr simple ver. A with Ryeowook as random cover.

EXO – M: XOXO (Hug Version)

All other albums


Block B – Very good

B.A.P – Badman (Signed by Zelo)

Sunny Hill – Midnight Circus

NU’EST – Sleep Talk

Rania – Goodbye’s the new Hello

Supernova – Stupid Love

X-5 – Dangerous

Team H – I just wanna have fun

(Not in this Picture ) Girl’s Day – Female President (Repacked)

And not least, my Photocards ^^


// Hyde