London – Shadow

Kpop Nonstop told us earlier that 4Minutes is coming to Sweden…

I got disappointed, since all the clues said MBLAQ and I really, really wanted it to be them. But no, of course not, since everything KPN does is to disappoint. I’m still disappointed, and I think I’ll be that for a long time :/
Anyway; Kris decided to make an instagram account! So he made my day ❤

Isn’t biases amazing at times? They pop up at random times doing random things and some of times, that’s exactly what you need.

Also, I’m leaving Sweden in a little more than a month! I’m going to London for 4 days with a close friend, and it’ll be so much fun!! 😀

And also, we’re going to Seoul! Me and Hyde. It’ll be amazing, I’m sure, and I’m so excited! 😀 In September ^^