London – Shadow

Kpop Nonstop told us earlier that 4Minutes is coming to Sweden…

I got disappointed, since all the clues said MBLAQ and I really, really wanted it to be them. But no, of course not, since everything KPN does is to disappoint. I’m still disappointed, and I think I’ll be that for a long time :/
Anyway; Kris decided to make an instagram account! So he made my day ❤

Isn’t biases amazing at times? They pop up at random times doing random things and some of times, that’s exactly what you need.

Also, I’m leaving Sweden in a little more than a month! I’m going to London for 4 days with a close friend, and it’ll be so much fun!! 😀

And also, we’re going to Seoul! Me and Hyde. It’ll be amazing, I’m sure, and I’m so excited! 😀 In September ^^


I’m Back :D – Hyde

It’s been a really long time since I last updated, and I’m really sorry about that. I had so much to do in school now when it’s almost over.  I bet most of you know how busy you can be with exams at the end of the school year too ^^

But right now I don’t have much to do in school so I figured out that I should make a new post on here and update you guys on my k-pop life 🙂

So I’ve fallen for my first bias again, No Minwoo. He’s been one of my biases from the very start of my K-pop journey and recently I started watching Full House Take 2 and now i’m all crazy over Minwoo again. I love the drama and it’s the first drama a can watch episode after episode without getting tired of it. Have anyone in here watched the drama? I’m on episode 25 and I think I will finish it later this week 😀

A lot of groups have made their comeback this year and gosh, so many new songs to listen to! I really like Girl’s Generations comeback and two of the best comebacks so far this year must be Speed and M.I.B’s comebacks. Totally love every song on these albums! I also like Boyfriend’s japanese single My Avatar, been playing it since the teaser came out. What is your oppinon on these comebacks? 🙂

Shadow and I have discussed about going to Korea later this year and we are really excited about it even though it’s not confirmed that we will be going there yet. I was just wondering if anyone of our beautiful readers have been to Korea and maybe have some advice of places we must visit or things we must do? 😀

/ Hyde

Update! ~ Shadow

I’m so so sorry for not updating! I’ve been busy and then I got sick so I had to spend a few days at the hospital. I’m a little  bit better so I’m home again, so don’t worry! 🙂

The giveaway winners have been decided and notified, and the prizes have shipped 🙂 Thank you all so much for participating! I think I will be holding a (or some) new giveaways in the near future, – most thanks to Hyde who forced me to tell her what I bought for her birthday, so leave a comment to thank her 😉 -, so I hope you’ll be looking forward to that! I can assure, it’s going to be an amazing prize for that one.

What are your thoughts on 2NE1 and SNSD’s comebacks? Personally I prefer SNSD’s comeback since I’ve never really been a blackjack, no offense! 2NE1 is a good group, but I don’t listen to them as much as SNSD ^^ Leave comments on which group’s comeback you like more and why!

// Shadow

Some of my Albums ~ Shadow

I haven’t updated in like… forever? I’m so sorry! Life came across… haha, no, but I’ve been really busy lately. Also, I’ve had a bad toothache. It’s getting better, but not much. And I’ve been busy with work, and I got home from the capital yesterday, but I’ll be going back on Friday…

Anyway. Since Hyde decided to show her K-pop albums I’ve decided to do the same. BUT I won’t show all of the albums, – they’re so many! I have no idea how they became so many -, only the signed ones. Which is a few. One of the signed albums mean so much to me, and even though I love all of them, this one is the most important to me. I won’t tell you why, and I’ll come back to that later on in this post, so keep reading!

VIXX (all members) – Jekyll
NU’EST (JR) + Baekho’s signed polaroid –  Sleeptalking
U-KISS (all members) – Moments

FT Island (all members) – Thanks To
SHINee (all members) – Everybdoy
G.I (all members) – Tremendous

I had two other signed albums, B.A.P’s BADMAN with Zelo’s autograph but I gave it away to Hyde as an early Christmas gift, and I gave NU’ESTs Sleeptalking with Aron’s autograph to another close friend ^^

Guess which album I cherish the most? 

// – Shadow

Quick Album update! – Hyde

So one reader wanted me to update my album Collection and now it’s time for it! I ordered these albums last year but due to Christmas and red days it took forever to get them, but now I finally have them after weeks of waiting!! School has also started again and I have so much homework to do but Kpop is distracting me as usually… haha.


These are the albums that I got:


Boyfriend – Janus

Boyfriend – Iyah

Vixx – Voodoo

Beast – Midnight Sun

Beast – Hard to love, How to love

And my Collection of signed albums ^^


Teen Top – Class Addition

UKISS – Moments

Alphabat – AB City



N from Voodoo , Hyunseung from Hard to love, How to love, Doojoon from Midnight sun and Chunji  from Class Addition ^^


Thanks for Reading ^^ // Hyde


All my thoughts and prayers are going out to Leeteuk and his family. Ryeowook cried live on Sukira… I feel so bad for all of them, this won’t be easy, but I’m sure they’ll be there for each other.

I don’t know if all of you know, but earlier today Leeteuk’s father and grandparents passed away due to a car accident.

Leeteuk’s currently at home with his family.

– Shadow

Top 10 Kpop Girl Groups songs of 2013 – Hyde

Now it’s time for my Top 10 girl group songs from 2013!

Girl’s Day – Expectation

The song is really catchy and the dance really fits the song. I will never get tired of watching this MV because it’s so good.

Lee Hi – Rose

What can I say? It’s just perfect. The whole concept of the music video is so beautiful with all the roses, the colours and Lee Hi standing with a dress that fits in to the background picture. Lee Hi has a powerful voice and she is really talented.

Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar

This video is hilarious. I love this kind of concepts, something that we haven’t really seen before. You will either love the song or hate the song. Personally I love the song and their unice concept with helmets on their head is something that makes me love it even more.

Lee Sunmi – 24 Hours

The first time I heard this song I loved it. The concept, the way the music video is filmed is something new and the song itself is something that gets on your mind.

Ladie’s Code – Pretty Pretty

This song is one of the best song of 2013. I love the powerful vocals and all the strong colours in their music video. The music video is really cute with boys trying to win the girl’s love but the girl’s are rejecting them. It’s just so pretty *__*

Blady – Blood tybe B Girl

Also a more colourful music video and I absolutely love it. The song is really catchy and the colourful clothes the girl’s are wearing is really cute.

T-ara – What should I do?

This song blew my mind. I love the retro sound of the song and the concept is really good.  I always listen to this song to cheer myself up. T-ara manage to do a Ballad version of the song in the beginning of the MV and then making it in to a party song.

Tint – Love at first sight

Cuteness overload. Seriously, it’s so cute haha

Tiny – G – Miss you

I love everything about this comeback. The cute cat clothes, the cute dance and the song is really catchy.

Dalshabet – Be Ambitious

This song is one of the most played songs in 2013. I love the song and I still haven’t get tired of it.